Event reminder software

User friendly event reminder software to remember important events.

With the event reminder software remembering important dates and events becomes really easy. Just create a list of reminders and never forget about upcoming events again. The event reminder software can notify you about important dates and events in advance. You can specify how many days in advance you want to be notified.

With the event reminder program you can create one time and recurring events and set reminders prior to event time.

With many settings you can easily configure the appearance of event reminders.

Event reminder software for everyone

You can create event reminders in different groups (Family, Friends, etc), use different colors to distinguish different groups, print event reminders, share event reminders with others and more...

Share your event reminders

Reminder software makes it easy to share your event reminders with others! Just create a list of event reminders and share it with others.

Printable event reminders

You can also print event reminders and take them with you.

Easily organize and manage event reminders

Organize event reminders into groups.
Print event reminders.
View event reminders' list.
Customize event reminders to fit your needs.
Easily locate event reminders.
Send event reminders to other computers.
Effectively arrange event reminders on the desktop.

Friday, September 4, 2015 
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